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Leonore Piano Trio

Formed in 2012, the Leonore Piano Trio brings together three internationally acclaimed artists, Benjamin Nabarro, Gemma Rosefield and Tim Horton,  whose piano trio performances as part of Ensemble 360 were met with such enthusiastic response that they decided to form a piano trio in its own right. The Trio has since given concerts both at home and in many other parts of the world, combining a comprehensive repertoire of works by the celebrated classical and romantic composers; an unrivalled exploration of lesser-known and forgotten pieces from the 19th century; exciting and innovative performances for young audiences and a range of contemporary and new works.

Leonore Trio records for Hyperion and has released seven recordings for the label in as many years, including unjustly neglected or forgotten works, receiving praise and critical acclaim both nationally and internationally. 

In 2015 the trio performed the complete Beethoven Piano Trios at Kings Place, London, as well as an even broader project including all his duo sonatas for piano with violin and cello. In 2019 they finished a complete cycle of trios and duos for Music in the Round, Sheffield.

The members of the Leonore Trio are keen exponents of contemporary music and have performed works by distinguished composers including Harrison Birtwistle and Huw Watkins. They gave the first performance of Holkham Beach, a piece written for and dedicated to the Trio by Simon Rowland-Jones. Their recording of the complete piano trios by David Matthews, for Toccata Classics, was hailed by the composer as "definitive".

As part of their commitment to education and outreach, the trio commissioned a narrated work for young audiences from Rachel Leach, based on the book by Steven Isserlis Why Beethoven Threw the Stew. It has proved to be an entertaining introduction to the music of Beethoven and the power of chamber music for all ages. 

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